Saturday, October 2, 2010


I try to fly to reach you
Till my wings get tired of following you
Till my hope fades
May be it’s time for my own fa├žade

I try to erase the stain you brought
To rejuvenate, to be alive again
To stand and fix myself again
From the squall that you brought

I try so hard to forget what happened
To forgive myself from being so weak
To absolve myself of losing my virtue
Because of the torment that you brought

Try… just try to erase the past
Try and try till I gathered myself
Try and try till I bring back my virtues
Until the day come for yourself salvation


High School Life ( A tribute to my high school friends)

Since we’re turning 10 years on 2011 I covet to inscribe something about my high school life. I think it is one of the best times of our life. High School is a just like a pupa in the metamorphosis of a butterfly in which you are so thrilled of what the world would be after that stage. It is where we cry over a spilled You cry because of your first love. It’s the time when you think that you are capable of loving yet you still young for it…. Anyways let’s forget about love team. It’s been ten years. I’m here to write down some memories that we’ve been through.
First year, I can’t remember anything special about those times except for the fact that we compete with the other section. There are new faces who are transferees. We’ve done well during the intramural. Our male classmates are all good in volleyball. I still remember how we shout for them.
Second year is a disaster. Our cheering was not good, including our rooms… Then I remember the fight between CHILLET ( I don’t know if my spelling is correct) and us. We cut classes during Florante At Laura program. That cause me lots of trouble because I’m the President of the class and our teacher asked us why we did it…. I anwered “ Nagkaisa po kame,” I made the wrong answer…but until now I don’t the correct answer. Our Teacher less twenty points for the students who did not went to school that day.
Third Year is a little bit mature. There are more groups that divide our class. Some transferred to other school… for the remaining students…. life goes on. We won the cheering competitions. Some fall in love while some are broken hearted. Our principal get mad at us for not coming to school in the afternoon dated January 2, 1999. We we’re told to have our own JS Prompt for boycotting the Christmas Outing and for not attending the school. I just want to tell you that It’s not my idea I just follow the decision of the majority. The Prompt is ok…. Mine was not…Don’t ask why…. It’s an open book.
Fourth Year is about bidding goodbye. I just want to share with you the last 2 hours before graduation is like a hell!!! Some of the boys we’re caught buying a bottle of POP without paying it and yet they still got a change.. I don’t know how does it happen…. After some years they explain how they do things like that. Some eyes we’re filled with tears as we said goodbye to our alma mater. WEh!!!!Kumusta na kaya ang hula ng kapalaran??? Naging Presidente nab a si Dalen?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I remembered when my high school friends and I went to infanta for an outing. I love the waves of the sea there. It brought happiness to me. The waves are huge so my male friends will hold our hand while we jump after the waves.
Have you ever experienced that you are to face a great wave of your life? Just like what troubles we are in…. we have to pass such trials of our life… It’s easier said than done. But then we have to move on….. we have to go on….


Engulf, Imminent, Tamper

Engulf mother earth with love
For an imminent thing might occur
Let’s tamper it….let’s start today


HI guys!! I’m launching my BLOGVELA. This is my blog plus novel. IT is my original stories that I will be publishing anytime that I’m free. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

I. Faith's Caprices
II. The Unexpected
III. The Glimpse
IV. Law of Interaction



Meme Match

Pals, here are the list of meme that you can join..

one single impression

three word"


Teacher's Guide

I want to share's some thoughts, ideas, values that we, teachers need.

I. Gas Properties

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Roads are apart, were walking in different path
I a drifter, dignified, mourning i this halt
I’ve slide down, stood up, look what I got?
Wounds, scars, pain, my eyes feel hot

As I go in way of uncertainty
In the crossroads you were there standing with tranquility
I smiled, feels great that someone was there
A companion was here and there’s nothing to fear

Mingling, laughing, holding with each other
Am I dreaming? That someone was here to offer
To be there as e continue these this journey
That I can lean on him and won’t feel lonely

Every place we went on brought happiness
And I’m afraid or the thought of emptiness
And I am afraid that this feeling will lat in vain
Scared that you would change in lane

Roads with carves, sometimes smooth
Will we reach the goals and dreams we put
Hold me tight coz I don’t want to let you go
Coz you are the God’s Greatest Gift that I will ever hold

Prompt 135: Monument

Staring the tallest tower
Thinking if I have enough power
To climb the smooth surface
Of the loom of my dream pace

I’ve tried to grasp from the barrel
To reach the bloom of elevated success
For these monument of my reverie
Is too huge for me to be near

Aim high, try and try
Till I reach the glistening triumph
For we should never stop
Of flying to grasp it for life


Right Time

One of the hardest things to do for me is to wait. I hate WAITING.... But as I journey to life I realized one lessons of life......

Life is full of choices, adventures, funs, sadness and opportunities. We always aim for something that will make us happy. We always work hard for it. WE gave too much time and effort for us to have what we wanted. But most of the time we failed to have it. We feel so upset and lonely thinking that God was so mean to us for not granting our wish. We cried for so long wishing to ease the pain of failure, to erase the pain of loneliness. But life is all about RIGHT TIMING. There is always right time for everything that we want to happen. It may not come today or tomorrow but one thing is so sure it will come..... in just a matter of time. It might not be the best thing that you wanted but it will be almost equal of the thing that we always wanted. We just need to wait for the right time and the right place for it. It will be worth a lot because you wait and work for it. The true spice of life is right timing for the right thing to happen to you. And when it happens you will enjoy your life more.

I hate spicy things.......

Bridge to Happiness

The bridge to happiness
aint far with you by my side
The long cold night of loneliness
ain't long because you're there to glide

The wound I have been for a year
ain't now severe coz you help me bear
The untidy eyes full of tears
ain't now there, because of your smiles without fears

Your existence warms my soul
It bring again the flow of joy
It took away the pain I have then
Thank you bri for the love you have give