Thursday, November 11, 2010

Special Education…. SPED UP!!!

     SPED UP!!! I saw it in the t-shirt of the special child when I was invited to be a judge in their events. I know I will feel the same thing that I felt before way back 2007. My friend was studying special education and she asked me to come with her in their outreach program. The goose bumps were constantly visiting me. They are awesome. They sing, dance and show their talent. They are so fragile for me. And that time this question has been running to my mind until now… How come God created them to be that way? I find it so unfair for them. After all they are also human like me. Until now I don’t know the answer. I’m not against God’s will. I’m just so curious of what was His reason. I have no right to questioned Him because He’s so kind and loving to me.
      Let’s get back to my story. They were dancing, singing, modeling, some draws and some do some gymnastic. They are very good. I wish I could let them win all for them to know I value them but then I need to choose. To end this because I’ve have to attend, I wish people can appreciate and take care of them for they are the same creature as we are

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The photo was taken by my Chinese friend during her visit in Japan. Since Christmas Season is past approaching…. Lot’s of people are going back home to see and spend time with their love one. I wish I could visit her and some of my friends there in Macau.
How about you guys?

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Temptations of Nowhere

Ignore the forces that is pulling you
To the gravity of nowhere
For the core of hell is ahead of you
If you pursue the way of nowhere

Don’t try to make a step
To find your feet stuck of nowhere
For turning back is a steep of gaffe
That will bring a gloomy nowhere

Don’t seek for the peccadillo’s hand
That will show you the hot nowhere
For it will brought you a sorrow’s land
Filled with insecurities of nowhere

Fight the temptations of having it
For it was a dream of nowhere
A precedent satisfaction of your merit
That was now a disastrous world of nowhere 

Try Crossroads..... And have a wonderful journey with me
__Chase your life...come to my word
or try my to Depart and enjoy the rides of poetry

Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to earn extra income?

Have you ever feel that what you are earning is not enough to sustain your needs? We usually need some extra income for us to buy the things that we need. Since today is my lucky day I want to share my very brilliant thoughts about it.

To gain extra income, first you can try to have part time job by selling things that you are interested with. If you want extra money, you can try some lottery or scratch and win. Lol. We are walking in the Mall these afternoon and we saw Scratch and win. Bri tried it and fortunately, he won. What a wonderful day!!! I’m not recommending it actually but why not try? You might win. You just have to have control over yourself when it comes to gambling.