Saturday, November 6, 2010

I am....

I am bored, here alone again....

Friday, November 5, 2010

Meme for your Blog

Blogging is one way of communicating with each other about our ideas and feeling. I have here few lists of memes that you can join to gain friends and find fulfilment in blogging. I created Meme Match for you.


How to know if you need to look for another job?

Resigned for seven times, that what I’ve read from a book that I can’t even remember the title is. So far I had done it for six times. There’s only one work which I didn’t resign though the opposite happened. Due to recession, the company has no choice but to terminate our contract. I love that job. I actually it’s really hard to find a job that will satisfy you. From what I have experienced, it’s like finding a needle at night. There are signs that tell me to quit the job.
1. If you feel lazy every time you have to go to work... it’s time to search for a new job.
2. If you’re superior is so stupid and insensitive.
3. If you didn’t find any fulfillment in the job that you are doing.
4. If you lack interest of your duty.
5. If you’re job can’t give you the financial stability.

There are lots of reasons why we quit our job, but then we should be wise enough before making the decision.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Different Elements of Poetry


The basic structure of a poem is better known as meter. This poetry structures form comes in after the symbolism and theme of the poem has been finalized. This basic structure of a poem is important in every line. A piece of poetry comprises of sub units and the each unit conveys a thought successfully.
The theme of the poem talks about the central idea, the thought behind what the poet wants to convey. A theme can be anything from a description about a person or thing, a thought or even a story. In short a theme stands for whatever the poem is about.
A poem often conveys feelings, thoughts and ideas using symbols, this technique is known as symbolism. A symbol in poetry can stand for anything and makes the reader take a systematic approach which helps him/her look at things in a different light. A symbol is a poetry style that is usually thought of in the beginning.
Rhythm is important for a piece of poetry to flow freely. This element of poetry refers to the music that the statements of a poem make. To better understand this resonation of words along with the sounds and music produced it is important to read a poem out loud.
A poem may either have this poetry structure form or it may not. A poem that rhymes has in its structure the last words of the line matching each other in some form. For instance the last words of the first and second lines would rhyme or the first and third or the second and forth. Similar sounding words are what constitute rhyme for example cat and mat, house and mouse. This poetry style is not present in free verse prose.
Usually used for sound effect, this element of poetry is made up of several words in a line that begin with the same word. To understand this better we can take the example of M where the line goes "musical melody of the music minstrels."
A simile is used to add to the beauty of a piece of poetry. This is done with the use of "as" or "like" to make comparisons as to make the lines more understandable and expressive. Let us take for instance a line which goes "her laughter was like a babbling brook," here the poet compares her laughter to a brook which makes the idea clear and interesting. The simile is an optional and yet an important element of poetry

This term is used to describe another way of making comparisons in poetry. Using this poetry structure form the comparisons are more complex. This element may or may not be used by a poet in his poetry
Most figures of speech cast up a picture in your mind. These pictures created or suggested by the poet are called 'images'. To participate fully in the world of poem, we must understand how the poet uses image to convey more than what is actually said or literally meant.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Abrupt, Kernel, Wield
An abrupt feeling of sadness
Brought by the kernel of love
That was wielded by evil




How many people are afraid of the ghost that was made by their selves? It’s something your afraid with yet you know it was really you who can destroy it? How many people are afraid of facing them? Of embracing the part of you that you hate to admit? Why does it’s hard to do? Why do people make the world so complicated? Why does it’s hard to accept the things that you are not capable of grasping? Why does people who busted you are so keen of insulting you always? Why do there are people who are so damn stupid of telling you that they are right while you knew that it’s not?
Life is so short for us to be damn broken by things that we made by our own mistake. It’s hard to accept the things as they are…but I hope someone will be trying to be considerate of the feelings of the others…… Still…. It will depend on us… no matter how they dignified…. It is us who know what we really are…..