Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Drowning in the oceans of love
Chasing your life like a dove
Flown by the waves of lies
...Lifeless in the mid of ice

Struggling in the dessert of dreams
restless of finding the oasis of beam
Chasing the glimpse that you aim
In the hot nowhere of flame

Chase the cloud of happiness
to reach the peak of sageness
Fly in the space of contentment
To grasps the wind of fullfillment

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  1. i love "DEPARTURE"...i really like it...may kurot haayyyy.....

  2. i really love that poem.....heheheeh...miss u Fei hong....la....

  3. yes - sometimes love can feel like an ocean we gladly would love to drown in..

  4. nice...love the nature touches in this...love is a mountain i gladly climb and an ocena i gladly swim...nice one shot

  5. Ah, the imagery...I love nature imagery. Great poem!

  6. Flown by the waves of lies...
    Good one ... I enjoyed reading it... thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
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  7. i have been so late in my comments this week but just wanted to say this was a very well written poem with a wonderfully strong last stanza...thanks for sharing with one shot and look forward to seeing you again next week...cheers pete

  8. elegant piece.
    Thanks for sharing...
    Happy Rally week 34.
    let me know after you are done 18 visiting.

  9. Good use of nature to carry the message. Well done. Happy Rally days. Hope you are enjoying your visitors and visits.

    Jamie Dedes

  10. It is good to know there are other seekers of sageness. LOVE this poem. Thanks for sharing.

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  12. Welcome Kindred Spirit. Thanks for sharing with me. Let us make this reality the fantasy it can be while comprehending the difference.