Friday, September 17, 2010

Seven Shades of Love

3. The White Cradle of Peace
It takes sometime before I write my story about my white cradle of peace craze. It was a feeling that I felt long time ago and constantly lingers my soul when I’m with Bri. I don’t know how to convey it that’s why I can’t write it until today that I’m in the mood to tell you. When you find someone who take care of you, make you feel what the difference of veracity from a fantasy is and helps you to be good again then that will be a time that you feel so secure and comfy. That finally you’re transforming yourself to sage. It is every moment you share with him is just like you are in a “cradle of peace”. It’s just like no one can harm you anymore and that his presence is the spring of your serenity and gratification.
That’s it…. Bri is my cradle of peace.
How about you? Have you experienced the same thing?


List of Old Memories I Found While Cleaning

Its Saturday! I decided to throw some mess in my ever beloved room and here’s the things that I found.
1. A ticket for Hale and Bamboo Concert in Perpetual Calamba. ( A free ticket from Leah my Shuttle Busmate. LOL)
2. Old payslip. ( I have a lot )
3. A ticket for GONDOLA Rides. It’s a ride in Grand Canal, Venetian Macau. Actually it’s a free ticket from my friend Monique. A nice experienced and it’s just like you are in Venice.

4. My students’ activity in Physics. Don’t know if I will throw it all or sell it for the mother Earth.
5. Simcards. I didn’t know I have few simcards of CTM macau.
6. A birthday card fro my Co-Filipino workers in Macau. (They put it in our mailbox and I was shock because nobody knows about my address. How come I have a letter? )
7. Some colored papers. I love writing some poem in a colored paper.
8. Old letters from Huggy. ( Haha! I thought I already burnt it together with my diaries about him. Because someone told me to forget someone burn everything that will remind you of him.)
9. Bri’s compilation of letters, thoughts and poems. A day before my flight to Macau he gave it to me. It brought an ugly eyebag to me. I cry when I read it and feel so scared that I might lose him just like what happen before.
10. An old plane ticket from Clark to Macau. ( A bad memories!)
11. A pair of cute chopstick with eyes at the bottom. ( From Becky)
12. Monique’s letter. ( It makes me miss her so much. Love her so much)
13. A few faded receipt.
14. Bri’s plane ticket to Macau. ( We nearly break because of it)
15. A plastic from China. (lol so stupid for keeping it. It’s a remembrance of our adventure in China. That place is a good place for shopping. Everything are cheap. The vendors are all funny. I remember that a guy asked us in a language I can’t understand to buy his very big I don’t like to buy it because I’m afraid that when I lit it my nose will be hit by the

Do you have those things in your room? Do you think it’s only a mess? I don’t want to throw it because it reminds me of my previous experiences, of how I have been. How about you? Can you just throw some memories of your life?


Mga Kornyng Tula ni Bri Three

It was December 14, 2007 when Bri bought a jacket for me. Because I told him the he is my jacket. He made a very funny poem for me. here it goes...

Malamig ang hangin sa kaparangan
malamig ang hangin mula sa electricfan
malamig dahil buhay ang aircon
parang masarap kumain ng morcon (anung connect?)

malamig ang pasko ng kung sinu-sino

sari-sari ang pamamaraan upang labanan ang lamig
andyan ang maligo sa mainit na tubig
pwede ka din magpisa ng sili sa bibig

ngunit isa lang ang aking alam na paraan
upang ikaw ay bigyan ng init na panlaban sa ginaw
hindi mo na kailangan ng warm water na panghinaw
o manghabol ng maraming langaw

isuot mo lang ang aking mahabang manggas
at ang iyong katawan ay yayakapin ng wagas
bibigyan ng init na nagbibigay ng lakas
dahil pag-ibig ko ay hindi magwawakas....


How to Express your Love in a Distance by Poem

A long distance relationship is difficult. I wrote a poem for bri during the time that I really miss him.

The Lonely Days
It was an empty space of uncertainties
Full of regrets and insecurities
A year of aloneness and loneliness
With hundred times of tears and bluntness

I know your presence lingers my soul
My farness breaks me whole
No matter how much you reach me through
Still I fill incompletely lost in thought

I’ve tried my best to change for you
Make a thousand promises not to hurt you
Extend my limits of understanding you
Coz in my life my existence is coz by you

I want to embrace you more than the way you do
Give you warm as much as you can give me too
To completely surrender my whole life to you
And love you endlessly this I promise you


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mga Kornyng Tula ni Bri ( Sobrang Corny Talaga ) Two


kapag wala ka sa aking tabi its like suicide
para narin akung uminom ng cyanide
ngunit aalis o mananatili, kelan ka magdedecide
sa kalungkutan at pangungulila, we must abide

without you by my side its like suicide
it's like drinking cyanide
stay or go away, when will you decide,
from sadness and loneliness we must abide

Mga Kornyng Tula ni Bri ( Sobrang Corny Talaga ) One



bri bri bri sa olla sya lumaki lalala her song is shalala
bri bri bri magandang babae si bri lalala her name is sheila
bri bri bri nanghuhuli sya ng tutubi lalala from brgy. Olla
bri bri bri ibinigay nya sa pulubi lalala mahusay sya gumawa ng tula

bri bri bri sya ang nagmamay-ari ng puso kong malaki lalala may lakad si sheila
bri bri bri pasko'y malapit na bri lalala ang damit nya ay pula
bri bri bri gumawa ako ng x-mas tree lalala sya'y pumunta sa dentista
bri bri bri ito'y para sau bri lalala her tooth need some pasta

bri bri bri salamat kay shery
bri bri bri ikaw ay aking nakilala bri
bri bri bri kinalimutan na si huggy
bri bri bri pati na rin c baby virus bri

bri bri bri mahal kita bri
bri bri bri ako ay iyong bri
at ikaw ang aking EMBRI….

How to Enjoy Your Life

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I have a friend who always whine to me that she feel so fed up and lonely. All people feel this way sometimes. But we really have to enjoy our life no matter how busted we are or how heavy our burden is. So I list down some of the things on how to enjoy our life.
1. Don’t follow the rule sometimes. I remember that my roommates and I hate wearing our nameplate. So we don’t wear it and at the end of the day we talk and feel happy about it.
2. Listen to the music but avoid listening to love song if you are broken hearted. Sing loud.
3. Eat some of your favorite food but never over eat or else you’ll find yourself stout.
4. Buy the funniest donkey in China. That toy makes us happy every night during our stay in Macau. ( So sad that my grand nephew destroy it in a click )

5. Explore the world. I think that’s the best thing to do to enjoy your life.
6. Try something new in your life. If you don’t know how to ride a bicycle try to learn it. I don’t know how to ride until one day when I am already 21 yrs. Old I practice and ooh! The feeling is so blissful that I finally know how to do it after so many years.
7. Fall in love. Yeah!!! The best remedy for boredom is to fall in love. When you are in love it just like you are walking in the clouds. But be careful on walking, sometimes you may find yourself falling down.
8. Share some jokes with your friends and family. But don’t tell them an worn-out joke or else they will find you corny…
9. Watch movies.
10. Enjoy and appreciates little things.

How about you? Come and share how you enjoy your life. I will be glad to  read your comments...Thanks

Wednesday, September 15, 2010



Today I feel so angry with the ants, so instead of writing about The White Cradle of Peace I want to tell you about ants. They are social insects that form a colony. They are too small that sometimes we don’t notice them but take note they are so harmful and irritating. I hate it! Today a small ant went inside my ears. I can’t explain how painful and disturbing it is. I think they hate me because they ate some of my clothes that cause small holes in it. It seems that they know that it was my blouse or T-shirt. I hate them.........

How about you? What insect do you hate?
Come and share it with me.... Please post a comment... Thanks

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seven Shades Of Love 2. I Hate Blues Clue

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I’ve been busy these past few days so I wasn’t able to make a blog. Have you ever been illuminated by someone? It feels good to have someone in our life that will always be on our side no matter how hard your life was. In the mid of our happiness and fulfillment, then you will find out that you hate blues clue. LOL. What I mean here is the fact that no matter how you jive together…still there are lots of differences between you and your soulwarmer. I don’t know if I am the only one who experienced this Hate Blues Clue thing. Let me tell you some stories he hates height, I’m not. I move faster he’s not. I remember that we always fight about crossing the street. But at the end of the day we will just laugh and make joke about this. That’s love. Love has different shades The Hate Blues Clue thing is a part of it that a couple must know how to live with it. So let me share you a poem made by him. Enjoy!!!


I've been searching so long for someone like you
now that I have found you
I will hold your arms tight and never let go

hope all your "DOUBTS" and fears fade away
I promise I will stay
because in my life you are my sway
and will never abandoned you along the way

my bri you are the source of my happiness
despite of our argues and fights
you always bring me light
that illuminates my life