Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Glimpse

I restlessly sat down on my car. I feel so tired. The wound I have before is starting to ache. I close my eyes and see the glimpse of the past.

I’m excited today. The management will post the qualified students that will be given a chance to go to San Fancisco California for one month training in designs. I scroll down the list of names and I am starting to lose my hope as I didn’t saw mine. Pain and disappointment runs all over my body. Oh I feel that my tears are running down my face before someone notices me I decided to hug and engraved my face in his chest. I feel the man was shock by my action. But I have no choice and I have no intentions to pull myself and let other people saw how desperate I am. Yeah!! I’m so desperate. It’s a chance of a lifetime. I’m not rich; I’m only a scholar student in this exclusive school. To go to other country will be the least thing that I can do. I feel the man’s hand on my arms as he said “ Miss, get of your face on my chest. You are ruining my uniform”.
“ Please, get me out of this place”, I pleaded with a sob. The man followed what I said.
“We’re now alone, you can now take you body off me”, he said
I let go and glance at the man’s face and found out who was in front of me. The famous Ryle Quinto. Shit! I curse. Of all the people….
“Nice style huh?” he teased.
“It’s not style, I would do the same thing even if it’s not you!!!Playboy!!”
“ Oh come on babe..” Ryle can’t help his self but to stare at the girls simple yet pretty face.
“Shut up! I’m sorry and thank you!!” I start to walk away from him but he is holding my left arms.
“ Don’t you think that you have to pay the damaged that you've done on my reputation?” he hiss.
“ Oh come on Mr. Quinto. I didn’t done anything wrong with you”
" alright I will wash your very clean uniform.But..."before I finish my statement he already carry me. He is son strong and fast before I realized I am now sitting inside his car.
I was about to open my mouth but the moron has stopped me by blocking my mouth with his hand.
" Don't you think that it's my time to avenge on you?"
" Oh come on...It's not my fault;t that I was sitting beside you that moment you experienced you first ride of the MRT and you throw out everything just because yor allergic of that smell".
" It's not my point. What I hate about you is when you carelessly make me more dirtier than ever!!!"
"Shut up!!! We're both dirty"
"Can you just at least be friendly with me?"
" I am friendly" then I bite his finger.
He shout in pain.

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    award notice,
    Glad to read you today, prayers, hope all is well...
    take a deep breath, be easy. you will win.

    let me know if you wish to be part of poets rally week 34.
    Happy Saturday!
    you rock!