Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Glimpse

I restlessly sat down on my car. I feel so tired. The wound I have before is starting to ache. I close my eyes and see the glimpse of the past.

I’m excited today. The management will post the qualified students that will be given a chance to go to San Fancisco California for one month training in designs. I scroll down the list of names and I am starting to lose my hope as I didn’t saw mine. Pain and disappointment runs all over my body. Oh I feel that my tears are running down my face before someone notices me I decided to hug and engraved my face in his chest. I feel the man was shock by my action. But I have no choice and I have no intentions to pull myself and let other people saw how desperate I am. Yeah!! I’m so desperate. It’s a chance of a lifetime. I’m not rich; I’m only a scholar student in this exclusive school. To go to other country will be the least thing that I can do. I feel the man’s hand on my arms as he said “ Miss, get of your face on my chest. You are ruining my uniform”.
“ Please, get me out of this place”, I pleaded with a sob. The man followed what I said.
“We’re now alone, you can now take you body off me”, he said
I let go and glance at the man’s face and found out who was in front of me. The famous Ryle Quinto. Shit! I curse. Of all the people….
“Nice style huh?” he teased.
“It’s not style, I would do the same thing even if it’s not you!!!Playboy!!”
“ Oh come on babe..” Ryle can’t help his self but to stare at the girls simple yet pretty face.
“Shut up! I’m sorry and thank you!!” I start to walk away from him but he is holding my left arms.
“ Don’t you think that you have to pay the damaged that you've done on my reputation?” he hiss.
“ Oh come on Mr. Quinto. I didn’t done anything wrong with you”
" alright I will wash your very clean uniform.But..."before I finish my statement he already carry me. He is son strong and fast before I realized I am now sitting inside his car.
I was about to open my mouth but the moron has stopped me by blocking my mouth with his hand.
" Don't you think that it's my time to avenge on you?"
" Oh come on...It's not my fault;t that I was sitting beside you that moment you experienced you first ride of the MRT and you throw out everything just because yor allergic of that smell".
" It's not my point. What I hate about you is when you carelessly make me more dirtier than ever!!!"
"Shut up!!! We're both dirty"
"Can you just at least be friendly with me?"
" I am friendly" then I bite his finger.
He shout in pain.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Macau Tower

ABC Wednesday - T!

T is for Tower
This is the photo I took when I was still in Macau...
Such a lovely place to be....

A. The Taste of First Loose

My Memoirs
I was in fourth year high school, every year there was an election for the Student Council Organization. I used to won from first year to third year. We have a meeting for the two parties that will be campaigning for the Student Council; no body wants to fight with me. Our teacher asked a third year students to run for the president as my opponent but she doesn’t want to. I feel proud and confident that I might be the president because no body wants to fight with me until a group of my classmates convinced our principal’s son to run for it. Guess what happen? I lost the election. I went home. As my mother approaches me tears are already falling in my eyes. It was the first taste of loosing something that you didn’t even expect to happen.
One thing I realized “sometimes we have to experience to loose something to let us remember that not all things are made for you”.

Golden York

Your future is gazing into you
Like the rays of the yellow sunlight
The bluish ocean of your dream is waiting for you
Are you now ready for your flight?

Hear your reverie’s whisper
As your tomorrow’s harmony whistles
The sirens of your dreams are coming
May be it’s time to get you starting

Feel the warm breeze of perseverance
That your body’s need to enhance
Embrace the temperate soul of hard work
To reach the golden York