Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gas Properties

Activity 1
Gas Properties

I. Objective
To identify and explain the properties of a gas.

II. Procedures
Kinetic Molecular Theory
1. Gases are made up of very small particles called molecules.
2. Molecules of gases are in constant random motion.
3. Gases do not have definite shape and volume.
Question no.1.
How can you determine the shape of the
B. Put check before the number if you agree with the statement and cross if not.

_____a. Air is transparent materials.
_____b. Gases like air are weightless.
_____c. Gases like air are colorless, odorless, and tasteless.
_____d. You could survive for a few weeks without food, a few days without water but only a few minutes without air.
_____e. After walking for two hours, Ramona was so thirsty that she drank a glass of water to the last drop. Is the glass really empty?
_____f. Clean unpolluted air is a pure substance.
_____g. Air is cleaner in the countryside than in the big city.
_____h. Atmospheric pressure goes on downward directions only.
_____i. The shape and size of toy balloons depend on the kind of gas inside the balloons.
_____j. More air can be pumped or pushed into bicycle tire or a basketball.
_____k. There is no limit to the amount of air that can be pumped into a bicycle tire.
_____l. Smoke and hot gases tends to go upwards.
_____m. The trained dog’s keen sense of smell helps the police detect hidden drugs or explosives.
4. Diffusion is the ability of a gas to scatter in space.
. Effusion is the ability of a gas to escape through one opening.
Give examples of effusion.
III. Generalization

Advance pander shuffle

To pander the rain
and the thoughts to be shuffle
Now advance and excel


Stop following
For I’m tired or running
Let me escaped you
For I’m nearly dying

Stop reminding me
For I’m sick of thinking
Detach from my mind
For your virus is infecting

Sealed your mouth
Your screamed is threatening
Now stop whisperings
Words that are deadly

Stop killing me
For I’m trying to revive again
Get out of my sleep
And let me rest for sometime

Stop blocking my way
For I want to move ahead
Stop clinging to my soul
For I hate to be a part of you anymore
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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Unexpected

I was already late for the launching of our new condo unit. I hurriedly run as I reach the entrance of the building. I am one of the interior designers of our company. I am pushing the button of the elevator when I heard the familiar voice. I can’t be mistaken. The thought of him makes my knees tremble. I enter the elevator and hurriedly close the door.
As I reach the main hall for the opening event, my secretary approaches me.
“ Maam,Mr. De Lima is looking for you. The event has been started for almost  thirty minutes."
I was about to open my mouth when I hear Mr.De Lima. “Oh ladies and gentlemen, I want to present you the interior designer of these units, the very gorgeous and famous Ms. Rain Villania.
Oh well, now I’m gorgeous. I wave my hand and smile to the guest and feel shock to see who was coming.
“Oh and here are our new architects who will be doing the newest project of the BRI Multi Company, Mr. Ryle Quinto.”
Oh God, and now he will be going to be a part of the team. I cursed. Wishing I have a choice of not to see him always.
I feel relieved as the opening ceremony has ended. I drink a glass of champagne when Mr.De Lima called me. “ Ms.Villania, have you met Mr. Quinto? He will be working with you on the projects in the Vain Countryside.
Damn! I told myself. This can’t be happening! I saw how Ryle looks at me as if estimating what I am feeling.
“Mr. De Lima, I thought you already signed my vacation leave for a months.”
“Oh darling I’m sorry but the Vain Countryside can’t wait for one month” he said.
I sigh desperately.
“Don’t you think that we are very good together Ms. Villania?”, I heard him ask.
I’m glad that we’re now alone. “You already knew the answer Mr. Quinto, I don’t think I have to answer it.”, I tried to walk and join my other co-employees but the nerd hold me in my arms and whispers “ Don’t you dare walk Baby….”,his voice is so warm, it’s inviting. A ghost bumps rolled over me.
“Shut up Ryle! You know that I hate to see you and most of all to work with you!”, I whisper.
“Yeah! I know that’s why you turn down every project that will connect you with me… But I guess you can’t do it anymore Babe” he whisper in his very sexy voice.
“Oh come on Ryle… You we’re the first one who run away. And now you are running towards me?
“Wooh! Who said I did it to be with you. I didn’t know you are still working here. I heard the news that you went out of a country for almost two years….”
“Get your hand off me Ryle, you are now making a scene. His hand is almost squeezing me so hard.
“I also hate to see you now Babe….It’s fate who is trying to bind us together,” he said and left.
I take a zip of the remaining wine. Suddenly I feel the pain I felt before…..

I Faith's Caprices
The Glimpse

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Faith's Caprices

“I’ve asked you to marry me for the nth time because I am so scared that this day will come. That I will be taken away from you by the shadows of my past to get me back in track again of what should be”,I told him.
I know my revelation will breaks him into pieces but I have to burst it out. I know I busted him…. But I have no choice. I’ve given him enough time to have me… I’ve given him too many chances to take me to forever. For I have this feeling that faith will grasp me to the world that will confuse me. I waited long enough for him to bind me with him but he is so damn busy waiting for his pot of luck. He starts to move away from me…. I know he’s starting to cry. It hurts me to see him hurting and breaking into pieces. I hate seeing him like this. I’m feeling more than the weight of his pain. Tears are falling down from my eyes. He caught me in act.. And before I stop my stupidity he came only to realize that what he is looking, will kill him forever. I want to stop this day to happen…. But faith has said it all... Faith let it happened. 

“What now? I’m just your meal ticket? I’m your jacket when you’re cold? How could you do this to me?” every word he said is breaking me into pieces.

“I told you I love you… I still do… I just don’t know how much”, that was a very honest statement. I know I have been in loved with him and still in love with him. But I was trap in the feelings of confusion.

“How long have you been seeing him? How long have you been sharing your laughs with him,” I can see how much he is mad at me.

“I’m telling you the truth; I don’t have intentions of having him or to be with him. It was faith’s caprice.” I whisper.
“Then tell me how that your so called faith’s caprices brought your together”, he tiredly said.


To Be.....

Wave your wand to the sky
Let the knowledge fly
For the fairy has come
To grant your wish and be calm

The sorcerer will show you how
To developed you into a man
Who’ll be the world’s treasure?
And be a man of honor

The magic that you’ll be having
Will sprout while you are growing
For the world wishes you
To be excellent in everything

Light up the torch of the universe
Sprinkle the magic in everywhere
For the earth is waiting
The miracle you’ll be doing

This poem is entered for Monday Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry and the theme for this week is magic and miracle, wizardry and wonder