Thursday, December 16, 2010

Law of Interaction

Yeah!!! I am running again. I hate to be late. I don’t want to wake up again and face the big stupidity that I’ve done. I enter the elevator without checking whose inside.
“ Good morning Babe!”,a husky voice said.
The sound of him makes me shivers. It’s only him and I. I didn’t mind him. His hands start to circle on my waist.
“ Stop it Ryle!!,I said.
“Don’t you miss it Babe?”
“ How can you be so assuring? For God sake Ryle, you’ve left me with nothing!!! You take everything with me. And now I’m already ok, you act as if nothing happened!!, I said in angry voice. I saw sadness in his eyes.. I’ve seen that before,the day he said goodbye.
“You didn’t know what had happened Babe”, he said in low voice.
“ And you also don’t know how did I go on. When you left you take the air that I am breathing. When you told me that you can’t wait that we have to give up you take my life.”
“I know! That’s why I told you to forget me because there are lots of reasons for that decision Babe”.
“ Shut up!!! You have no right to ask me to forget you that moment. Who the hell are you to dictate what I have to feel?
Ryle moves in front of me. “If you only knew Rain, you will thank me for what I did.”
“I’m ok now Ryle. Let’s just finished the project and pretend that we knew each other!” .
“ Damn Rain!!! Stop asking me to pretend that nothing happened between us. Destiny permits us to be together. I have tried to avoid you for quit sometime. This time its faith’s will, just accept it”
“ Oh! Come on Ryle….You don’t believe in it”. I’m staring to cry. “ I told you before we were destined together so there no need for you t give up but you still left me”
Ryle hugs me. I love the feeling. I love the warm coming from his body. I miss his scent.
“I’m sorry Babe.” If you only knew that I did it for you to become safe Babe… Ryle said in his mind.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Law of Gratitude

Hello Po!!!Gusto ko po sanang makilala kung cnu ung visitor ko fromPaombong Bulacan?
Thanks po!!!!

1, 2, 3

I made this poem during the first three months together.Bri made a poem during our 4 months and he titled it fantastic four... We're three years now turning four....
1, 2, 3 ooopps were fighting
With this nonsense simple thing
1 second of discomfort then three minutes of sweet nothing
One minute of crying then three hours of laughing

We’re confuse in a blink
Glad we’re peaceful in a click
There can be one two three thunder in our love
But we have three ways of conquering the dumb

It was not just 1,2,3 doubts and fears
Yet you’ll still hold and hug me right here
A 1,2,3 misunderstanding and shouting
Hope we have lots of 1,2,3 ways of resolving

It was 1,2,3 months with you
I’m indeed happy not just 1,2,3,
It will not going to be 1,2,3, of darkness
Coz there will be an infinite light of eternity

It will be never ending struggle
Caring and loving each other in 1,2,3 of forever
Coz having you in my life
Is the most precious gift I have received

Try Fantastic Four A poem made by bri...

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Passion Is You

What passion will I ever want?
Whereas I only want to think of you
What hobby can help me out?
Of the thoughts of you?

If I try to watch movies
Will I forget you a while?
If I listen to the radio,
Will I not hear your voice?

If I attempt to paint
Will I not think of our dreams?
If I will go swimming
Will I not feel you’re not with me?

What will I do?
If you are my passion?
For my life is you
My thoughts is you