Sunday, November 21, 2010


Faith's Caprices

“I’ve asked you to marry me for the nth time because I am so scared that this day will come. That I will be taken away from you by the shadows of my past to get me back in track again of what should be”,I told him.
I know my revelation will breaks him into pieces but I have to burst it out. I know I busted him…. But I have no choice. I’ve given him enough time to have me… I’ve given him too many chances to take me to forever. For I have this feeling that faith will grasp me to the world that will confuse me. I waited long enough for him to bind me with him but he is so damn busy waiting for his pot of luck. He starts to move away from me…. I know he’s starting to cry. It hurts me to see him hurting and breaking into pieces. I hate seeing him like this. I’m feeling more than the weight of his pain. Tears are falling down from my eyes. He caught me in act.. And before I stop my stupidity he came only to realize that what he is looking, will kill him forever. I want to stop this day to happen…. But faith has said it all... Faith let it happened. 

“What now? I’m just your meal ticket? I’m your jacket when you’re cold? How could you do this to me?” every word he said is breaking me into pieces.

“I told you I love you… I still do… I just don’t know how much”, that was a very honest statement. I know I have been in loved with him and still in love with him. But I was trap in the feelings of confusion.

“How long have you been seeing him? How long have you been sharing your laughs with him,” I can see how much he is mad at me.

“I’m telling you the truth; I don’t have intentions of having him or to be with him. It was faith’s caprice.” I whisper.
“Then tell me how that your so called faith’s caprices brought your together”, he tiredly said.


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