Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gas Properties

Activity 1
Gas Properties

I. Objective
To identify and explain the properties of a gas.

II. Procedures
Kinetic Molecular Theory
1. Gases are made up of very small particles called molecules.
2. Molecules of gases are in constant random motion.
3. Gases do not have definite shape and volume.
Question no.1.
How can you determine the shape of the
B. Put check before the number if you agree with the statement and cross if not.

_____a. Air is transparent materials.
_____b. Gases like air are weightless.
_____c. Gases like air are colorless, odorless, and tasteless.
_____d. You could survive for a few weeks without food, a few days without water but only a few minutes without air.
_____e. After walking for two hours, Ramona was so thirsty that she drank a glass of water to the last drop. Is the glass really empty?
_____f. Clean unpolluted air is a pure substance.
_____g. Air is cleaner in the countryside than in the big city.
_____h. Atmospheric pressure goes on downward directions only.
_____i. The shape and size of toy balloons depend on the kind of gas inside the balloons.
_____j. More air can be pumped or pushed into bicycle tire or a basketball.
_____k. There is no limit to the amount of air that can be pumped into a bicycle tire.
_____l. Smoke and hot gases tends to go upwards.
_____m. The trained dog’s keen sense of smell helps the police detect hidden drugs or explosives.
4. Diffusion is the ability of a gas to scatter in space.
. Effusion is the ability of a gas to escape through one opening.
Give examples of effusion.
III. Generalization

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