Monday, November 22, 2010

The Unexpected

I was already late for the launching of our new condo unit. I hurriedly run as I reach the entrance of the building. I am one of the interior designers of our company. I am pushing the button of the elevator when I heard the familiar voice. I can’t be mistaken. The thought of him makes my knees tremble. I enter the elevator and hurriedly close the door.
As I reach the main hall for the opening event, my secretary approaches me.
“ Maam,Mr. De Lima is looking for you. The event has been started for almost  thirty minutes."
I was about to open my mouth when I hear Mr.De Lima. “Oh ladies and gentlemen, I want to present you the interior designer of these units, the very gorgeous and famous Ms. Rain Villania.
Oh well, now I’m gorgeous. I wave my hand and smile to the guest and feel shock to see who was coming.
“Oh and here are our new architects who will be doing the newest project of the BRI Multi Company, Mr. Ryle Quinto.”
Oh God, and now he will be going to be a part of the team. I cursed. Wishing I have a choice of not to see him always.
I feel relieved as the opening ceremony has ended. I drink a glass of champagne when Mr.De Lima called me. “ Ms.Villania, have you met Mr. Quinto? He will be working with you on the projects in the Vain Countryside.
Damn! I told myself. This can’t be happening! I saw how Ryle looks at me as if estimating what I am feeling.
“Mr. De Lima, I thought you already signed my vacation leave for a months.”
“Oh darling I’m sorry but the Vain Countryside can’t wait for one month” he said.
I sigh desperately.
“Don’t you think that we are very good together Ms. Villania?”, I heard him ask.
I’m glad that we’re now alone. “You already knew the answer Mr. Quinto, I don’t think I have to answer it.”, I tried to walk and join my other co-employees but the nerd hold me in my arms and whispers “ Don’t you dare walk Baby….”,his voice is so warm, it’s inviting. A ghost bumps rolled over me.
“Shut up Ryle! You know that I hate to see you and most of all to work with you!”, I whisper.
“Yeah! I know that’s why you turn down every project that will connect you with me… But I guess you can’t do it anymore Babe” he whisper in his very sexy voice.
“Oh come on Ryle… You we’re the first one who run away. And now you are running towards me?
“Wooh! Who said I did it to be with you. I didn’t know you are still working here. I heard the news that you went out of a country for almost two years….”
“Get your hand off me Ryle, you are now making a scene. His hand is almost squeezing me so hard.
“I also hate to see you now Babe….It’s fate who is trying to bind us together,” he said and left.
I take a zip of the remaining wine. Suddenly I feel the pain I felt before…..

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  1. Haisley, this piece has such great potential needs some work, but it has all the elements of a very good love story ... of lack thereof.

    Thanks for dropping in at my place.

  2. Thanks Amias, I know I have to improve my english... WISH i COULD....

  3. A good storyline. You have the imagination and passion. Just keep writing. When the story or novel is finished get someone to edit. Every author needs an editor. In the meantime just keep writing.