Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A View of the Past

I wrote this poem 5 years ago when I was absolutely and super in love with someone. He gave me my true fairytale. That for a few months I felt so different, I felt so contented which that time I think that something will be coming....something I an scared of.... So I created this, my doubts, queries of what lies ahead....

The Questions
I believe that no guts no glory
But are my guts enough to fight for your love
Will it lead me to the blue moon?
Or end up to the dark moon?

I believe that if you go for it, go all the way
But is going all the way will lead me to a blissful ending?
will it lead me to our eternal  paradise
Or will only bring me anguish?

I believe that if you follow all the rules, you miss all the fun
I’ve defy those convention just to be with you
Will that fun last forever?
Or is it only for now?

Those are the queries that I can’t retort
And I am frightened that I may be mistaken
Will we end up just like the sunset?
Which will rise after the lonely night?

I hope you'll find time to read poem I made after 4 years may be..... I found The Heartrending Answers.....

The View of Reality

And after 5 years.... I found out the stupid answers...May be people were destined to feel and experienced those things as a part of growing up....

The Heartrending Answers

My guts were not enough for you to stay
For you are flying so high that causes me to stray
It leads me not to our reverie of blue moon
And I was thrown so hard in the black hole at noon

If you go for it, go all the way that’s what I say
So I follow the path that where you may lay
This leads me to my devastating nightmare
That brought me pain, and sufferings that I bear

I became happy with you the moment I flout
But only a glimpse and suddenly burst out
The idyllic forever of us is only an imagination
And I was awakened by your stupid rejection

All my queries were answered after the separation
For our ending is like a bitter sensation
For when the sunset begins the moon starts to mount
To let the sun knows she was destined to be left out

As suggested by Eric... I edited my post... I don't know if this what he mean....   


  1. You should post those two together, like book-ends. They make a nice pairing.

    (Live and learn, as they say)

    Nice One Shot!

  2. write more i enjoy this, keep going...blessings


    treats for the week 10 fun.
    Happy Rally.

  4. Ending is a bitter sensation... I liked it.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  5. Thanks guys.....I wonder why we have to experienced so much pain in our life.......

  6. Thanks a ton for the beautiful poetry and lovely participation...
    keep writing,
    keep shining!
    u rock!

  7. Sometimes we have to be just as tough as life is if we are to survive the pain. Well done. Good to follow suggestion to pair.

    I'm here from last week's Poetry Potluck. On Sunday Rally Dispatch this a.m. on the Jingle Poetry site, I challenged folks to visit ten of our poet bloggers today and say "hello" for World Hello Day. I'm out now doing it myself. - Suspect I'll be the only one. LOL! - I saw you toward the end of the line of links and thinking you might not have received as many views and comments as others. Hope that won't deter your participation this week.

    Jamie Dedes

  8. Sweet, romantic, non-bathetic, and to the point. Good work!