Saturday, October 2, 2010

High School Life ( A tribute to my high school friends)

Since we’re turning 10 years on 2011 I covet to inscribe something about my high school life. I think it is one of the best times of our life. High School is a just like a pupa in the metamorphosis of a butterfly in which you are so thrilled of what the world would be after that stage. It is where we cry over a spilled You cry because of your first love. It’s the time when you think that you are capable of loving yet you still young for it…. Anyways let’s forget about love team. It’s been ten years. I’m here to write down some memories that we’ve been through.
First year, I can’t remember anything special about those times except for the fact that we compete with the other section. There are new faces who are transferees. We’ve done well during the intramural. Our male classmates are all good in volleyball. I still remember how we shout for them.
Second year is a disaster. Our cheering was not good, including our rooms… Then I remember the fight between CHILLET ( I don’t know if my spelling is correct) and us. We cut classes during Florante At Laura program. That cause me lots of trouble because I’m the President of the class and our teacher asked us why we did it…. I anwered “ Nagkaisa po kame,” I made the wrong answer…but until now I don’t the correct answer. Our Teacher less twenty points for the students who did not went to school that day.
Third Year is a little bit mature. There are more groups that divide our class. Some transferred to other school… for the remaining students…. life goes on. We won the cheering competitions. Some fall in love while some are broken hearted. Our principal get mad at us for not coming to school in the afternoon dated January 2, 1999. We we’re told to have our own JS Prompt for boycotting the Christmas Outing and for not attending the school. I just want to tell you that It’s not my idea I just follow the decision of the majority. The Prompt is ok…. Mine was not…Don’t ask why…. It’s an open book.
Fourth Year is about bidding goodbye. I just want to share with you the last 2 hours before graduation is like a hell!!! Some of the boys we’re caught buying a bottle of POP without paying it and yet they still got a change.. I don’t know how does it happen…. After some years they explain how they do things like that. Some eyes we’re filled with tears as we said goodbye to our alma mater. WEh!!!!Kumusta na kaya ang hula ng kapalaran??? Naging Presidente nab a si Dalen?

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