Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Roads are apart, were walking in different path
I a drifter, dignified, mourning i this halt
I’ve slide down, stood up, look what I got?
Wounds, scars, pain, my eyes feel hot

As I go in way of uncertainty
In the crossroads you were there standing with tranquility
I smiled, feels great that someone was there
A companion was here and there’s nothing to fear

Mingling, laughing, holding with each other
Am I dreaming? That someone was here to offer
To be there as e continue these this journey
That I can lean on him and won’t feel lonely

Every place we went on brought happiness
And I’m afraid or the thought of emptiness
And I am afraid that this feeling will lat in vain
Scared that you would change in lane

Roads with carves, sometimes smooth
Will we reach the goals and dreams we put
Hold me tight coz I don’t want to let you go
Coz you are the God’s Greatest Gift that I will ever hold

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