Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lifetime Secret

Everybody has their own lifetime secret. Yeah it could be something that you don’t want other people to know because you done it just to fulfill your self satisfaction, to do things that you think you’re not capable or to risk everything just to fill the same thing that you felt before. It’s an irony to life that you wish to do things that you know can hurt you in the end or that will take away everything that you have fixed before. It’s so hard to risk everything just to try something new in your life or just to satisfy you again. How come that there are people who will come to your life, take away what you have and then after a decade he will ask you again for one time to have you lifetime secret with him….. It is a mixed emotions and feelings…. Come with him for one hour and lose yourself again…. Hate to think that you became that kind of person in someone’s life. Someone who is just for fun or someone who will just fulfill some of his needs….. Hate it so much!!!!! I hate that a person you have loved so much before, that you have wished to died when he left will only talk to you because of a lifetime secret……..

Thursday, September 2, 2010

circle of thoughts: The Road of Growing Up

circle of thoughts: The Road of Growing Up

The Road of Growing Up

Life is like a journey. We walk, talk, eat, sleep and wake up. Then we will realize how we have been from our past journey. There are only few things that you will remember from our past trips. It may be the heartache we went through or the walks on cloud thaw we’ve done. So here are some of the lessons that you may learn as you go on….
1. There is always right time for everything. The right time to fall in love, to have your greatest dreams and the right time to move on.
2. No matter how hard you tried to have someone you wished to have, if it was not for you…. You will just waste your time crying over spilled milk.
3. You will meet three kinds of men. First, the one that will make your fairytale come true. Second the one that will took everything that you have. And lastly, the one who will put you back you to reality and fix you and make you whole out of your incompleteness.
4. Write everything that you want in a piece of paper after sometimes look at it ¾ of it will come true…. Not totally all that you have wish for but a part of it will come true.
5. There will always be an angel sent by God in the time that we really need one. It can be in a man riding in a bicycle who will let you ride even in the middle of flood because you will be late for your work, or from a friend who will guide you in your decision.
6. Life has no U turn. It’s all about moving forward despite the hindrances that you will be facing through.
7. Quit your job for sometimes…. Then find one where you will stay until you retired….
8. Never ever trust someone who will tell you that he will teach you to swim because when the waves come…. He might save his life first and live you there.
9. Rise whenever you failed.
10. Cry a river when you were hurt after sometimes you will realized your immune to it.

The Past

How will you forget the past?
The shadows of pain that won’t last?
The darkness of suffering
The loneliness of craving

How can you heal the wounds you feel?
Or erase the scars on your heel?
How will you delete the memories?
And let it swept away in canaries?

Tell me how to cut you in my mind
Or let your face disappeared in my head
How will I live without the trace of you?
And the bitter-sweet thoughts of you?

Fantastic 4 months ( This was a poem made by my soulwarmer)

1st month is all about confusion,
everyday was a discovery of contradiction
but at the end of the week it's fascination
and when one month ends it's clearly affection.

2nd month comes with intense heat
a single spark turns into flaming and blazing fire,
our feelings grew brighter and even hotter
than the sun in summer.
but we've been expecting a sign
is it subtraction ( - )
or addition ( + ) ???

3rd month enters,
the journey to the clouds in heaven continue,
days we meet is lessen and subdue.
Our vows to each other is renew
but there's something blocking our view
it is the blur in the sign we oversee
is this the horizon we did'nt foresee?

4th month arrives,
yet it is blurry the sign it carry,
still we continue the ways we always do,
fighting and hurting with words,
but never fail to show care in action,
and in words too..
parting of the 4th is near...
at last the sign that eludes us is now clear,
despite our arrogance,
GOD gave us one more chance.

It's been a fantastic 4 months,
all the way to no.4 from no.1,
it is indeed "LOVE"
i assure and guarantee,
that your my only one.