Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I want to fly just like the bird
So I can be from where you are
Ran fast just likes the bullet train
So I can easily be with you

I want to be the air you breathe
So I can be a part of you
Be the ray of sunlight in the morning
That shines and caresses your body

I want to be the dust carried by the wind
So I can bump on you face
Or may be on your lips
And stay there ‘till you wipe me out

Wake me up from this dream
Tell me to stop from this hallucination
Coz you’re just like the sky
That may come back after the rain

Or moved away from where you stay
That was far apart from where I am
‘Till you find where you belong
Afraid it’s not me that may be your home

I did this poem 4 years ago.......


Gait Nudge Ripen

I join the Three Word Wednesday. I don't know if I do the right thing.....

Gait hurriedly in the mid of nowhere
Nudge the wind of failure
For your sorrow will be ripen


Seven Shades of Love

4. The Glimpse of the Bluish Cloud
Dreaming is one of the things that keep someone moving. It gives us the strength to do things for the sake of our dream. So for the no. 4 Shades of Love which I entitled The Glimpse of the Bluish Cloud, I would like to share with you our dream. Bri and I dream of having a baby someday (after we got married.. I don’t know when) I want to have a baby boy instead of a girl, you know why? Girls always weep. I don’t want her to experience some of the dreadful memories that I got from my times of yore. Bri wants to name him as Cloud. We always envision Cloud as a baby in our own arms, taking care of him and showing him what the world is. It’s a simple dream that keep us alive. Even though I don’t know when will God give him to us… But as of now I’m happy to see the glimpse of the bluish cloud.

How about you? Share your glimpse of the bluish cloud….


Guides for Better Cooking

I love cooking. Don’t ask me to clean the house because I hate doing it, I rather cook. So I’m going to share some effortless, gibberish guide for a better cooking.

“Read the label of the ingredients that you are buying.”

I remember that my friend cooked adobo when we are still in Macau. She will always end up buying McDonalds instead of eating her packed lunch. One night she asked me to cook for her. I do the honor thinking I’m the best cook in town.( Hehehe) I didn’t used her vinegar and used mine. Well the taste in ok. But she asked me to put some bell pepper and potato. ( Yeah! Our adobo has potato so that we don’t have to add too much meat which is expensive). Then I decided to add more vinegar in it. I used hers. Then here comes the tasting time….. It tastes so harsh. Then we thought of the possible reason why it tasted like that… we put the blame on the bell pepper and swear not to used it again until my eyes reach the bottle of vinegar and found out that it’s not a vinegar….. but an alkaline water. The bottle of vinegar and alkaline is almost the same except for the big label ALKALINE WATER.

That’s all for today… I hope you’ll share your experience with me…… Come post a comment…


A Cup of Coffee

I love coffee. I don’t want to let the day passed without drinking one cup of it. Someone told me to quit drinking because it’s not good for the health yet here I am still drinking it. I remember that I’ve tried to quit it. It only last for a couple of weeks. Because my ever dearest friend brought a hazel nut coffee and keep asking me to try it. I remember the smell of it that lingers into my system. I hurriedly get a cup and make one. Oh my! It’s just like tasting the first coffee of my life after two weeks of not drinking it. I want to shout out loud and said “these coffee is the best!!!”
Lessons in Life:
If you want to feel the happiness and fulfillment in something, try not to have it for sometimes…. Then when you have it again….. Stay with it forever.( I don’t know if there is any connection. Lol)


The Following Are The Poems Of My Past.......

The Pain

This time I'm thinking about you
But hating the things about you
this time I am remembering you
But want to forget every memory with you

Will you come one day at my door?
And asked to be with you more?
Will you realize that I still exist?
And find out that some space in your heart is missing

Are you going to love me tomorrow?
Despite the thoughts that I am hallow
Are you going to take me seriously?
Despite the love that I can give you desperately

Can you hold my hands in front of the world?
Say I love you with a sincere word
Can you hug me against all odds?
Or simply forget me and cut the buds.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I see you here in this simple place
We shared our laughs and haste
We talk,and talk and talk
And walk and walk and walk

I find you as an angel from up above
Or may be an alien from mars above
That send me coffee in the beautiful morning
Or gave nice smile that makes the day worth fulfilling

Now it’s time to depart from endless talking
And bid goodbye to the free coffee
But most of all its time to say thank you
To the most precious person that I ever met

To say how greatful I am for meeting you
How happy I am for having you
Cause you are my lovely friend
That I will treasure until the end