Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Nights

We sat there and lay my head on you
You put your hands around my waist
Stare each other, smile and the laugh
Suddenly the night seems so complete

We stand there; I’m at your back
And circled my hands around you
You look at me, a few seconds we kissed
Then, the night seems so perfect

We stop there, stay for a few minutes,
You throw a coin, and hope you wished
Something for us, then we prayed
Suddenly, the night seems so peaceful

I sat there and look at the sky
Put my arms around me and hug myself
I glance at the place and think for a while
Suddenly there something missing in my night

I stand there and laugh, lay my back at the wall
Look forward pretending that you are there
and in a seconds tears fell down from my eyes
Then my night feels so empty

I stop there, stay for a few minutes
Throw a coin, wishing that I'm not alone
Praying for the time that I won't feel incomplete
That you'll be back to fill my life with love again



  1. heart felt write...those moments in the after can be so painful...

  2. That ache...one can almost touch it in those lines...

    bits and pieces

  3. It's a love story that's still a love story. Nice one.

  4. those moments are so deep for souls, thanks for expressing them in such a tender way.

  5. your sudden transition from we to i is a true
    relfection of how quickly things happen in life.

    thanks for sharing something we can all readily relate to.

  6. heartfelt and very well written...thanks for sharing pete

  7. Tender, heartfelt piece... nicely written.