Saturday, October 2, 2010


I try to fly to reach you
Till my wings get tired of following you
Till my hope fades
May be it’s time for my own façade

I try to erase the stain you brought
To rejuvenate, to be alive again
To stand and fix myself again
From the squall that you brought

I try so hard to forget what happened
To forgive myself from being so weak
To absolve myself of losing my virtue
Because of the torment that you brought

Try… just try to erase the past
Try and try till I gathered myself
Try and try till I bring back my virtues
Until the day come for yourself salvation



  1. loved this- this is very true for me right now...

  2. Halsley, time takes care and is greatest healer.

    feelings so well put in words!

  3. Well reminded me of my take on my own prompt..monument..last week..but then you will gather it keeps on happening to each one of us..finally..we keep getting up..evolving..always..

  4. May time and life continue to treat you kind. A wonderful piece indeed.

    Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  5. I think the past is a speed bump that we have to get over. And then we can run until we fly.

  6. Trying hard in trying times...Success has to be just around the corner and then you will rise. Lovely poem :)

  7. isn't it strange that we are hardest on ourselves in the times of greatest pain? this cuts right to the bone.