Friday, September 17, 2010

List of Old Memories I Found While Cleaning

Its Saturday! I decided to throw some mess in my ever beloved room and here’s the things that I found.
1. A ticket for Hale and Bamboo Concert in Perpetual Calamba. ( A free ticket from Leah my Shuttle Busmate. LOL)
2. Old payslip. ( I have a lot )
3. A ticket for GONDOLA Rides. It’s a ride in Grand Canal, Venetian Macau. Actually it’s a free ticket from my friend Monique. A nice experienced and it’s just like you are in Venice.

4. My students’ activity in Physics. Don’t know if I will throw it all or sell it for the mother Earth.
5. Simcards. I didn’t know I have few simcards of CTM macau.
6. A birthday card fro my Co-Filipino workers in Macau. (They put it in our mailbox and I was shock because nobody knows about my address. How come I have a letter? )
7. Some colored papers. I love writing some poem in a colored paper.
8. Old letters from Huggy. ( Haha! I thought I already burnt it together with my diaries about him. Because someone told me to forget someone burn everything that will remind you of him.)
9. Bri’s compilation of letters, thoughts and poems. A day before my flight to Macau he gave it to me. It brought an ugly eyebag to me. I cry when I read it and feel so scared that I might lose him just like what happen before.
10. An old plane ticket from Clark to Macau. ( A bad memories!)
11. A pair of cute chopstick with eyes at the bottom. ( From Becky)
12. Monique’s letter. ( It makes me miss her so much. Love her so much)
13. A few faded receipt.
14. Bri’s plane ticket to Macau. ( We nearly break because of it)
15. A plastic from China. (lol so stupid for keeping it. It’s a remembrance of our adventure in China. That place is a good place for shopping. Everything are cheap. The vendors are all funny. I remember that a guy asked us in a language I can’t understand to buy his very big I don’t like to buy it because I’m afraid that when I lit it my nose will be hit by the

Do you have those things in your room? Do you think it’s only a mess? I don’t want to throw it because it reminds me of my previous experiences, of how I have been. How about you? Can you just throw some memories of your life?


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