Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to Enjoy Your Life

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I have a friend who always whine to me that she feel so fed up and lonely. All people feel this way sometimes. But we really have to enjoy our life no matter how busted we are or how heavy our burden is. So I list down some of the things on how to enjoy our life.
1. Don’t follow the rule sometimes. I remember that my roommates and I hate wearing our nameplate. So we don’t wear it and at the end of the day we talk and feel happy about it.
2. Listen to the music but avoid listening to love song if you are broken hearted. Sing loud.
3. Eat some of your favorite food but never over eat or else you’ll find yourself stout.
4. Buy the funniest donkey in China. That toy makes us happy every night during our stay in Macau. ( So sad that my grand nephew destroy it in a click )

5. Explore the world. I think that’s the best thing to do to enjoy your life.
6. Try something new in your life. If you don’t know how to ride a bicycle try to learn it. I don’t know how to ride until one day when I am already 21 yrs. Old I practice and ooh! The feeling is so blissful that I finally know how to do it after so many years.
7. Fall in love. Yeah!!! The best remedy for boredom is to fall in love. When you are in love it just like you are walking in the clouds. But be careful on walking, sometimes you may find yourself falling down.
8. Share some jokes with your friends and family. But don’t tell them an worn-out joke or else they will find you corny…
9. Watch movies.
10. Enjoy and appreciates little things.

How about you? Come and share how you enjoy your life. I will be glad to  read your comments...Thanks


  1. I try to enjoy life simply by trying to fall asleep... ZZzzz...

    But I'm not quite sure if I am really enjoying my moment when I am asleep
    (I am asleep, I know nothing at that moment)...


  2. Perhaps it's because when I wake up --> I feel good... Specially when I have loooooong hours of sleep... aw!

  3. yeah!!!!i hope i can sleep for loooooooooooong hours too...thanks for the comment