Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seven Shades of Love

4. The Glimpse of the Bluish Cloud
Dreaming is one of the things that keep someone moving. It gives us the strength to do things for the sake of our dream. So for the no. 4 Shades of Love which I entitled The Glimpse of the Bluish Cloud, I would like to share with you our dream. Bri and I dream of having a baby someday (after we got married.. I don’t know when) I want to have a baby boy instead of a girl, you know why? Girls always weep. I don’t want her to experience some of the dreadful memories that I got from my times of yore. Bri wants to name him as Cloud. We always envision Cloud as a baby in our own arms, taking care of him and showing him what the world is. It’s a simple dream that keep us alive. Even though I don’t know when will God give him to us… But as of now I’m happy to see the glimpse of the bluish cloud.

How about you? Share your glimpse of the bluish cloud….


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