Friday, September 17, 2010

Seven Shades of Love

3. The White Cradle of Peace
It takes sometime before I write my story about my white cradle of peace craze. It was a feeling that I felt long time ago and constantly lingers my soul when I’m with Bri. I don’t know how to convey it that’s why I can’t write it until today that I’m in the mood to tell you. When you find someone who take care of you, make you feel what the difference of veracity from a fantasy is and helps you to be good again then that will be a time that you feel so secure and comfy. That finally you’re transforming yourself to sage. It is every moment you share with him is just like you are in a “cradle of peace”. It’s just like no one can harm you anymore and that his presence is the spring of your serenity and gratification.
That’s it…. Bri is my cradle of peace.
How about you? Have you experienced the same thing?


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  1. Hi Haisley! I'm loving your blog more and more!

    hehehe. you sould have done this sooner!

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