Wednesday, September 15, 2010



Today I feel so angry with the ants, so instead of writing about The White Cradle of Peace I want to tell you about ants. They are social insects that form a colony. They are too small that sometimes we don’t notice them but take note they are so harmful and irritating. I hate it! Today a small ant went inside my ears. I can’t explain how painful and disturbing it is. I think they hate me because they ate some of my clothes that cause small holes in it. It seems that they know that it was my blouse or T-shirt. I hate them.........

How about you? What insect do you hate?
Come and share it with me.... Please post a comment... Thanks

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  1. Hello Haisley.

    I am glad that my badge tutorial has helped you to create one for yourself.

    I do not like ants. Their bites sting! Ouch.

    Have a great day!