Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Cup of Coffee

I love coffee. I don’t want to let the day passed without drinking one cup of it. Someone told me to quit drinking because it’s not good for the health yet here I am still drinking it. I remember that I’ve tried to quit it. It only last for a couple of weeks. Because my ever dearest friend brought a hazel nut coffee and keep asking me to try it. I remember the smell of it that lingers into my system. I hurriedly get a cup and make one. Oh my! It’s just like tasting the first coffee of my life after two weeks of not drinking it. I want to shout out loud and said “these coffee is the best!!!”
Lessons in Life:
If you want to feel the happiness and fulfillment in something, try not to have it for sometimes…. Then when you have it again….. Stay with it forever.( I don’t know if there is any connection. Lol)



  1. So true! One understands value of what she has when it is taken away!

  2. yeah!!!! u are right!!! Thank u for the comment...atleast I know someone read my