Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Guides for Better Cooking

I love cooking. Don’t ask me to clean the house because I hate doing it, I rather cook. So I’m going to share some effortless, gibberish guide for a better cooking.

“Read the label of the ingredients that you are buying.”

I remember that my friend cooked adobo when we are still in Macau. She will always end up buying McDonalds instead of eating her packed lunch. One night she asked me to cook for her. I do the honor thinking I’m the best cook in town.( Hehehe) I didn’t used her vinegar and used mine. Well the taste in ok. But she asked me to put some bell pepper and potato. ( Yeah! Our adobo has potato so that we don’t have to add too much meat which is expensive). Then I decided to add more vinegar in it. I used hers. Then here comes the tasting time….. It tastes so harsh. Then we thought of the possible reason why it tasted like that… we put the blame on the bell pepper and swear not to used it again until my eyes reach the bottle of vinegar and found out that it’s not a vinegar….. but an alkaline water. The bottle of vinegar and alkaline is almost the same except for the big label ALKALINE WATER.

That’s all for today… I hope you’ll share your experience with me…… Come post a comment…



  1. Hi Haisley, baka naman inaantok .. kaya mali yung nadampot.. hahaha.. Nice to meet you ... sige marami na tayong addik

    marami pa akong blog... dahil adik na nga .. hahaha.. baka gusto mung bisitahin..

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    followed you na...

  2. It happens in all spheres of life. We overlook simple things and consequences are dire. Isn't it?

    Well written piece. Enjoyed it.

  3. I love cooking too, I can so relate! :)