Monday, September 6, 2010


Some will think that it is the hardest word to say. I believed it is. On the contrary goodbye is the door for a new world, for a new learning, for a new friend and most of all for the new opportunity. Let me tell you some stories of goodbyes.
• “Sad Goodbye” It is when you became friend with your colleagues. You go out with them, share their stories, jokes with them and sometimes cry with them. Day by day you didn’t realize that as day passes by you become a part of them. Sometimes you will not notice that they are already part of you. Then you wake up one day that for some reason you have to quit and bid goodbye to them. Some sort of sad goodbyes that will make you cry…. Know why? Because you know that in many aspects you became happy because of them. That the moment that you spend with them you we’re happy and you forget your sorrow for a while. It’s all about missing them…. It’s not because their present is not worthy of staying but because there are some part of you that want to explore, you want to find yourself and most of all to look for the things that will complete the missing piece of the career that you wanted.
• “Sadder Goodbye” This is sadder than the first one. It is when you became part of one place. Feel comfortable with it. You love your friends there and think that you will enjoy your life staying with them… But then the storms come that all of you need to say goodbye. It is saying goodbye because you have no choice. Because no matter you want to stay still…. You can’t…..
• “Saddest Goodbye” I would say that this is really hard to do. It’s hard to say goodbye to the person you love most and most of all to the memories that both of you shared. It’s hard to let go and say goodbye to a relationship that you really think make your life complete. That makes your life so happy. How many people urge their selves just to still hold on for a person they think worth fighting for? Then in some point of their life they have to say goodbye… You know why? Because goodbye is the only key for them to be save from drowning into the river of nowhere. It is sadder than sad…yet it is the goodbye that might lead you to the new you that might open for a new opportunity to fall in love again.
Sometimes we really have to say goodbye, it may be to a place, to a friend, to the memories and to a person you loved….. but that’s what life is…… Full of goodbyes…… but full of hellos….

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