Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just in the Nick of Time

Sometimes God send us an angel during the time that we really need them most. It can be in a form of a friend or a person you didn’t know that will stop by and help you in a way that you didn’t notice it.
Here are some of the few stories that I experienced.
1. It was time for me to go to work. The water on the street is high because of the rain. I really don’t know how to get out of that subdivision without making my stockings wet. I glance at my wristwatch and think that I will be late. I needed something to ride on. There was no tricycle. Just in a nick of time a man in a sidecar came. I ask him if he can help me. Then he agrees and helps me get out of the road. He didn’t ask me to pay him. I am really grateful that he came and thankful for that.
2. When I was in Macau I used to go out during my rest day. Since I am new to the place my friend told me to ride the bus no. 5 to get there and ride the same no. of bus to get home. Take note I didn’t know that I have to ride that no. in the same bus stop when I reach the place. I was in the other side of the road and I feel so lazy of walking to the other side. I told myself that maybe I can ride bus in that bust stop which I really did. As the trip goes on, panic starts to invade my happy mood because I’m not familiar with the place where the bus is heading to. I calm myself and try to convince myself that I did the right thing. Unfortunately all the confidence that I have gradually disappears when all the passengers run out and the only person left was me. I feel scared when we stop in a place that I don’t know. There are lots of buses there but only few people. It’s near the seaside. It’s just like an open space where you can see few people. And then Sinsang ( cantose term for Mr.) shouted at me in a language I’m not capable of comprehending. To my horror I step out of the bus and tried to talk to people there on how to go to Portas. The sad thing is ever driver there even the security guard don’t know how to speak English. I walk trying to look for a Filipino who can help me. But I haven’t found any. Just when I was about to lose my tons of hope I saw a garbage man. He looks like Kano, I asked him in English about the direction and to my surprise he answers me in tagalong. A Filipino sent by God….hehehehe

I always believe that God always send me an angel. He sent me lots of person that I consider an angel. Just like Erlyn, she is one of a friend that I really appreciate a lot. I really think that I ruined our happy moment with her, Edison, Jay and Au but that I have to leave them. The there was Veron and Monique….. A friend that really make my day complete and happy…. There are lots of people that I don’t have to mention, they might not know how I really appreciate them even though I didn’t mention it to them. So for those people who became my angel…. Thank you… Most of all thanks God

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