Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1, 2, 3

I made this poem during the first three months together.Bri made a poem during our 4 months and he titled it fantastic four... We're three years now turning four....
1, 2, 3 ooopps were fighting
With this nonsense simple thing
1 second of discomfort then three minutes of sweet nothing
One minute of crying then three hours of laughing

We’re confuse in a blink
Glad we’re peaceful in a click
There can be one two three thunder in our love
But we have three ways of conquering the dumb

It was not just 1,2,3 doubts and fears
Yet you’ll still hold and hug me right here
A 1,2,3 misunderstanding and shouting
Hope we have lots of 1,2,3 ways of resolving

It was 1,2,3 months with you
I’m indeed happy not just 1,2,3,
It will not going to be 1,2,3, of darkness
Coz there will be an infinite light of eternity

It will be never ending struggle
Caring and loving each other in 1,2,3 of forever
Coz having you in my life
Is the most precious gift I have received

Try Fantastic Four A poem made by bri...


  1. Awww - love the freshness of love the thunder, even the friction

    what a lovely way to portray that love

    thanks for sharing with One Shot - hope you submit for the anthology

    Love from the Moon

  2. lovely..4 months.. 4 years.. and as long as there's alwayd sunshine after thunder.. beautiful

  3. How lovely!!! Been there myself.. so I tooootally get your point.. (giggles)
    May an eternity of beautiful love stay with you and Bri...


  4. Wishing that you'll hold out together for a long time. Excellent!