Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Macau, a Home Away From Home (part 1)

There is no place as home. It is a place that you are very much comfortable. Most of the time we miss our home when we a far from it. I remember during my first time to go in foreign land. I feel excited that you will go out of the country for the first time in my life. Guess what? My excitement fades the very first moment I rode the bus. The sound from a recorded voice telling the next bus stop in a language that I can’t understand is so annoying. Then we went to a restaurant to eat and everything was written in Chinese character thank God there was a picture for me to be able to pick the food that I am capable of swallowing. (As time passes by my friend and I discovered few restaurant that serves good food with English translation of the food. My first impression is not good. Everything feels so irritating. I don’t know why. Then the first time I went outside with our HR is so tiring. You know why? I didn’t know that in Macau you have to walk far and so fast. Unfortunately I was wearing my step in with 2 inches heels. I really feel tired most of all I can’t walk faster than they do. That’s why when I came to the Philippines I always complain to Bri that he walks so slow. Of course they are all wearing rubber shoes including my co-filipino workers who have been there for almost couple of months.
I don’t find there sea beautiful. I really love seas. Don’t know why but every time I look at it I feel so peaceful. Their sea is not that beautiful until one day I saw it so beautiful to the point that you can’t stop yourself on staring at it. I started to appreciate it that every time our shuttle bus passing that part I feel excited of how the water will will look like for that day. Then I started to appreciate the long bridge. The bridge has something that you feel like you’re flying to the sky. I used to dream of seeing the golden bridge. I love that view that I seen from a movie. But that bridge of Macau is also different. I know from that moment that when my contracts end the first thing I will miss is that bridge. It is just like I become part of it because everyday I have to pass him.

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