Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Road of Growing Up

Life is like a journey. We walk, talk, eat, sleep and wake up. Then we will realize how we have been from our past journey. There are only few things that you will remember from our past trips. It may be the heartache we went through or the walks on cloud thaw we’ve done. So here are some of the lessons that you may learn as you go on….
1. There is always right time for everything. The right time to fall in love, to have your greatest dreams and the right time to move on.
2. No matter how hard you tried to have someone you wished to have, if it was not for you…. You will just waste your time crying over spilled milk.
3. You will meet three kinds of men. First, the one that will make your fairytale come true. Second the one that will took everything that you have. And lastly, the one who will put you back you to reality and fix you and make you whole out of your incompleteness.
4. Write everything that you want in a piece of paper after sometimes look at it ¾ of it will come true…. Not totally all that you have wish for but a part of it will come true.
5. There will always be an angel sent by God in the time that we really need one. It can be in a man riding in a bicycle who will let you ride even in the middle of flood because you will be late for your work, or from a friend who will guide you in your decision.
6. Life has no U turn. It’s all about moving forward despite the hindrances that you will be facing through.
7. Quit your job for sometimes…. Then find one where you will stay until you retired….
8. Never ever trust someone who will tell you that he will teach you to swim because when the waves come…. He might save his life first and live you there.
9. Rise whenever you failed.
10. Cry a river when you were hurt after sometimes you will realized your immune to it.

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