Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Macau, a Home Away From Home (part 3)

Lastly you know what I love most about the place? It is the friends I met there. Yeah! My colleagues are very nice to us, we always went outside to do barbecue in the park. They roast lots of foods. Wow! I love the sausages, meat, even marshmallows…. They roast it. I love playing basketball with them thinking I might lose weight. They play so good. We always go to karaoke and sing dozens of songs while drinking and playing the dice thing. I really don’t know the name of the game but it’s all about guessing the numbers and if you lose you have to drink.
They became my family there. I love them so much and miss them. I remember Hei. We we’re talking about the rent of the house in Macau. He’s not that good in English but I like him because he still tries to talk to me in English. He said that it is cheap to rent an old hold house in Macau but the “ young house” is very expensive. Woah! I really used all the stopping power I have just to stop myself from laughing. You know why? Because if they hear you saying the wrong English or pronunciations, they won’t laugh at you, unlike here in the Philippines. I miss them so much……

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