Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Macau, a Home Away From Home (part 2)

I always complain things about that place but as I spend time with the place… I start to fell in love with it. It is a very simple place to live with. I still remember that we only eat McDonalds because their crew can speak English and their food is cheap. I love their burgers except that they don’t have spaghetti and rice. In their KFC, rice is not included in their meal, you need to order it separately. That was my first and last time to order rice because whiles we we’re eating it I realized that I can buy one and a half kilos of rice in the Philippines equivalent to their one cup of rice. Then as we continue living there we discovered things. We discovered the Thai restaurant that serves good food (take note they have English translation of their menu).
I love buying things in their grocery. It’s cheap but they don’t sell shampoo in a sachet that’s why if you buy a shampoo not good for your hair….You have to suffer for almost a couple of months They also sell lots of fruits. I love their fruits so much. It is cheap and fresh. I remember that there is one fruit stall where we prohibit ourselves from touching it. Because she will say thing in a mad way that in our comprehension we have no choice but to buy it or else you will die… Hahahaaha. I love seeing their culture and the way they live. Old people there are so sweet with each other. They walk at night, play badminton and do some exercise.

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