Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A. The Taste of First Loose

My Memoirs
I was in fourth year high school, every year there was an election for the Student Council Organization. I used to won from first year to third year. We have a meeting for the two parties that will be campaigning for the Student Council; no body wants to fight with me. Our teacher asked a third year students to run for the president as my opponent but she doesn’t want to. I feel proud and confident that I might be the president because no body wants to fight with me until a group of my classmates convinced our principal’s son to run for it. Guess what happen? I lost the election. I went home. As my mother approaches me tears are already falling in my eyes. It was the first taste of loosing something that you didn’t even expect to happen.
One thing I realized “sometimes we have to experience to loose something to let us remember that not all things are made for you”.

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