Friday, December 10, 2010

The First Glimpse of a False Fairytale

The First Glimpse of a False Fairytale
The paramount things the could happen to someone’s life is to feel contented of what she had. Life is not the easy to dwell with. After hardworks in schools, you’ll have to face the veracity. The true world of a human life. The world that will mold her as a human thru experiences in works and love life. No matter how hard you day was in your daily work, life gets easier when you find your prince charming. Yeah!!! Such a nice thing to happen. Every person will always love to have a fairytale that is happening to us.
It’s always feel good at first. Thinking your life won’t be the same again if you loose him. Oh yes!!!! Such a cliche. I hate to think that somewhere in my life my dream fairytale came true. It was months of contentment and happiness…. But then there such things that was not meant to be most especially if both of you can’t fight the evil coming….and the worst part of it… if one of you gave up easily…. And to make your world more miserable you mess up your life. You busted everything because of your stupidity that you can’t go on without him… Sad isn’t it? There will always come a time that you think you have loose everything when you lost him and because you are so vulnerable you let yourself trap in the dark making your most dangerous and idiot decision that brought pain and sufferings. How cruel!!!

After sometimes you’ll find yourself thinking and wishing you’ve done better that loosing all the virtues and righteousness that you have. Thinking to avenge to your prince charming who ruined your stupid life. Unfortunately, no matter how you feel mad at him,… you’ll find yourself blaming your real self for being so deaden and moron that time.

That was a bogus fairytale…For the prince charming is an charlatan of love. Now I’m here…thinking of what I have at this moment of my life. For God gave someone who will cover me with white cloth of compassion that he has…Imagine after years of darkness a white knight will come to erase the dimness of your past…

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