Thursday, November 10, 2011

No You

No You
It feels gloomy looking at the empty chair
Wondering when will it fill by my pair
Hearing no sounds of your razzing voice
There’s no you who’ll mock at my choice

Staring at the doors where you hash out
Thinking of the time that you’ll come out
For I am homeless when you’re apart
Lifeless and desolate when you depart

Spending my day by myself in distress
For there’s no you to bung up it with gladness
For there’s no you to look for my clumsiness
And no you to share and erase my sadness

If there’s no you days seems so longer
If there’s no you miss is what I always utter
If there are no you smiles are but shallow
Coz when you are far I feel so helpless and hallow


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