Friday, September 10, 2010

anime here we go

I am now with my niece and nephew waiting in the airport for the arrival of my nephew. Thank God I got a chance to write for my blog of the day. Since I can’t think of a good idea may be I will share the lines that I really love from the anime that I watched. I love watching anime even though I’m now old. Yeah! I hate to think that I’m old now. I love being young just like before because I’m carefree. I don’t have to think I just dothings that I want to do. Anyways let’s get back to my topic, this line really struck me.
“ Kaya kong gawing possible ang imposible” in English it’s sounds like I can make impossible things possible. I’m not good in translation.Lol. It is from the Gandam Wing Destiny. I was touch when a man sacrifices his life for the one he loves.
“Hihintayin ko ang tamang oras na itatakda ng panahon para sa ating muling pagkikita”, it sound like this in English “I will be waiting for the right time that we will see each other again. It is the story about the pnguin actually I don’t know what creature he is. But he fall in love with his opponent which is a mermaid. They can’t be together and the girl said it before she left. That was from pichi pichi pitch.
“Ang tunay na hari ay ang mga kabataan” or the true king is the youth not the leader. It is from Naruto. Love that anime so much because it’s all about friendship. How many people nowadays betrayed their friend for their self satisfaction?
Sometimes we think that what we watch is nonsense but actually if we we’re going to examine it you will learn lots of things. They can make you laugh and sometimes cry….just like in reality

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